Intuitive registration tools

  • Help students and advisors to plan and monitor progress toward academic goals.
  • Help support global registration models search and select, block, and structured
  • Construct plan schedules for current and future semesters/quarters
  • Build a course registration plan from a student’s existing degree plan with our Degree Recommendation System
  • Apply configurable course and section search parameters to create a personalized schedule

Faculty Grade Entry module

  • Provides faculty with improved grading tools
  • Streamline the process for posting midterm, final and incomplete grades
  • Offer faculty an intuitive consumer web experience for grade processing
  • Simplify the process to import grades from Excel or an institutional learning management system

Integrated attendance tracking tool

  • intuitive interfaces to make it easy to track and document student attendance
  • Record attendance information by learning event
  • Maintain detailed, consistent and accurate records to reduce financial risk and debt
  • Gain powerful insight into your student attendance data

Advising student profile

  • Delivers single-­‐page access to the most critical information an advisor/mentor/tutor needs to know about their student advisee
  • View a complete student profile with a quick, easy-­‐to-­‐read, at-­‐a-­‐glance format
  • Link to transcript, registration, schedule, and degree evaluation
  • Standardize advising procedures

Mobile access for students, faculty, and staff

  • Provide anywhere, anytime access to information with Elusion Mobile
  • Offer full role-­‐based functionality, including integrated messaging and notification tools
  • Deliver access to other apps, portals, and Banner solution

Student Retention and Engagement


Disengaged students are more likely to drop out of college.

Our Solution

A unified Interest-based Student Engagement Network designed to:

  • Connect students with campus groups and activities based on individual interests
  • Create a single source for communication between organizations, groups, clubs, res-life, class members and college administration
  • Provide sophisticated analytics of student engagement on the macro and micro level
  • Keeping students engaged with College after they graduate

As a unified Student Engagement Network, we enable university administration to:

  • Send targeted information and alerts to students based on designated interests.
  • Promote campus services.
  • Find out what students really want with quick polling, comments and wishlists.

Using our retention platform’s sophisticated analytics, University administrators can:

  • Measure and track engagement campus-­‐wide, by group, by interest or by individual
  • Automatically identify disengaged students for outreach
  • Identify useful student engagement patterns to use for long-­‐term planning

Live Classroom Technology

Features and Capabilities

  • Built-­‐in Phone conferencing allows participants to use VoIP and phone at the same &me in a single session.
  • Mobile Interface and collaboration allows participants to join a class-­‐session on any device from email, calendar invite or any LMS Join Link. Mobile Application is available
  • Tapping the screen can show names, polling responses and emoticons used for all participants
  • This view also allow one participant to chat with other participants.
  • Mobile App gives ability to the student to interact in the class by giving feedback and raising hand to ask questions.
  • Allows professors to publish the recorded class sessions to channels like YouTube etc
  • Built-­‐in echo cancellation tool facilitates participation with a standard microphone and speaker.
  • LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) integration allows the tool to be integrated with any LTI compliant-­‐LMS
  • instructors can create a more engaging and effective asynchronous environment by adding a voice component that facilitates vocal instruction, collaboration, personalized coaching, and assessment
  • Through modern HTML 5 and CSS Canvas Technology, attendees don’t need additional plug-­‐ins (or clients for desktop) to join the conference call.Just a simple light-­‐weight web-­‐ browser
  • Feature-­‐highlighting to on-­‐board the first time users.
  • CSS Canvas Engine makes any type of content (animated) run seamlessly during the virtual meeting
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Persistent meeting rooms store work in progress in each breakout room with user defined persistent URLs
  • Strong multiple rooms capabilities such as eachroom has its own private VoIP, Single-­‐ room customization, ability to move between rooms and broadcast messages to participants across room boundaries.
  • Layout customization with multiple presenters before and during meetings.
  • Can manage users with an organization's LDAP server. Administration console enables IT Admins or organizers to configure LDAP server details, authentication methods, and advanced settings, such as timeouts and query page-­‐size limits.
  • Customization capabilities with our Server APIs
  • Automatic notification to system administrators when usage approaches the license threshold in addition to reports on system usage and license capacity.
  • We can collect usage information by minutes, rooms, training objects, storage, logins, and other parameters.
  • Ability to Meta Tag the stored content and control access to confidential information.
  • Presentation, File sharing, session administration from any mobile device
  • All interactive, hands-­‐on components— such as quizzes, simulations, and links— remain interactive even in recorded classroom sessions and meeting
  • Our tech allows to create multimedia content within the application with just a few clicks using MS PowerPoint, and our proprietary “Presenter” technology.
  • Allow multiple-­instructors to change the layout of classes and upload new content on the fly within the class-­‐session in real &me.