Our Story

Digitaleem aims to integrate technology in education to assist schools all over Pakistan providing the 21st learning experience to their students. We aspire to combine the best industry resources with professional development services to innovate your schools academic delivery, operational efficiency and improve student success rate.

Digitaleem facilitates schools in adopting international standards of technology in education by delivering the required tools and developing exceptional services. We are aware of the different challenges that schools in Pakistan are undergoing which is why Digitaleem provides a system that meets dynamic demands and challenges of the education of today.

Education Technology

Modernizing through digital transformation is essential for integrating rapidly-evolving technologies to meet the goals

New technologies like AI, machine learning, and educational software are not just changing the whole concept of education for students, they are also redefining the role of educators, creating philosophical shifts in approaches to teaching, and redesigning the classroom.

Educational technology has enabled students to learn at their own pace according to their own abilities and needs. It also allows students grow exponentially in academic settings and retain information better.

Globally, Ed Tech is already sweeping through classrooms as educators and developers create more and more products designed to enhance education.

ED Tech & Pakistan

ED Tech can have an even profound impact on overall education in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s spending on education as a percentage of GDP remains among the lowest in South Asia, which was 2.2 percentage of GDP in the fiscal year 2017 as compared to 2.3 percentage of GDP in the fiscal year 2016. Pakistan not only needs to make education readily available in all cities but also to improve its quality.

For Pakistan, the education challenges are 2-fold; At one end, the basic infrastructure for schools has to be provided and secondly, in order to compete with the Western education, we have to start creating the fusion of technology and education.

We at DigiTaleem believe that technology can help us in Pakistan deal with both the challenges laid out above. Technology can not only help us teach our next generation along the modern lines, but can also bring in efficiency and automation that can help curb the existing gaps in the demand and supply of education infrastructural resources.